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Oatmeal Cookie with Nuts

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750 grams Oatmeal Your oatmeal must be wholegrain, don't buy oatmeal that cooks for 5 minutes
250 ml Kefir At least 2.5%
100 grams Peanut Use any nuts you want
3 tablespoons Honey
1 pinch Vanillin
To taste Cinnamon Powder

Oatmeal Cookie with Nuts

  • Egg-Free
  • Sugar-Free
Healthy and fast oatmeal cookies with peanut
  • 1 h 25 min
  • Serves 3
  • Easy



When you keep a diet you want something sweet, but frequently you don’t have an opportunity to eat cakes, fat cookies, sweets and other stuff. But you can cook healthy oatmeal cookies which consist only of oatmeal, nuts and honey. It cooks for about 25 minutes. You don’t have to search the ingredients, just use all that you have at home, and these cookies are not expensive. It is the best dessert for morning tea or coffee break, you can bring it to work or study, because it is adds a lot of energy for you. This recipe is based only on healthy ingredients. You don’t add any flour, eggs and sugar. Instead of sugar add honey it is  better for your health. If you don’t have honey use syrup, but your syrup must be viscous. This recipe is so easy you can even cook it every day as energy bar. Try to cook these cookies for your family and be sure everybody will like it. This recipe is so healthy because it contains fibers, vitamins and minerals which are useful for organism. Also you can bring to the gym and eat after training. You will not get fat after this dessert because it is so healthy. So try to cook these oatmeal cookies with nuts, you will like it.



Prepare all ingredients for oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal (use high-quality oatmeal which needs 20 minutes over of cooking), cinnamon powder, vanillin, peanut, honey (flower) and kefir 2.5%. Don't use skim kefir because it doesn't contain anything healthy. Also you can use instead of nuts dried fruits (prunes, dried apricots, raisins, dried oranges, bananas, kumquat etc.). If you like luscious taste add more honey.


Now you should pour kefir to oatmeal in a deep bowl and let it draw for 1 hour. Stir good oatmeal and kefir, flakes should be saturated with kefir. Oatmeal flakes will swell and it helps to form cookies. The best if you put it into the fridge, it will harden.


Meanwhile start preparing peanut. I used orinary non-fried and salt free peanuts. You should peel it. Before you peel, prepare dry and clean frying pan and start frying peanut on both sides. It will help to peel peanut faster and easier. Also taste will be more savoury. Then crush peanut into small pieces.


After 1 hour mix good peanut and oatmeal. Now you can heat the oven to 180-200 degrees. Then add honey and stir it with tablespoon. You will get a viscous consistence and it will look like dough. Also add vanillin and cinnamon powder, mix all ingredients together. Now when you have your dough done form cookies. You can do it in the backing dish. If don't have it just form cookies by hand. Make balls and flatten it, you will have a shape of cookie. When everything is ready start backing on parchment paper or aluminum foil, but if you have silicone backing dish just spread it with water. Don't add butter because it adds fat to your dessert. Start backing for about 20-25 minutes. But keep it on eye because oatmeal can be slightly burnt.


Our cookies are done! If you want to cook more crispy cookies just bake it for 30 minutes but decrease the temperature. So, now you can enjoy low-calorie oatmeal cookie with nuts! Let it cool down and replace to the plate. It is so delicious, the best for substantial lunch or breakfast. You can choose any filling you want the most important is benefit. Don't forget to decorate cookies, for example you can add chocolate or icing sugar on the top. Taste it with protein cocktail, tea or coffee, this is the best fast snack to renew your energy! If you like peanut butter, add some to the dough instead of honey, but in this case don't add peanut, dried fruits will be more appropriate. Bon appetit!


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