Morning Energy Cocktail

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1 big spoon oat-flakes
1/2 small spoon Flax seed
2 big spoons Cocoa
1/3 small spoon Ginger
1/2 small spoon Dried mint
1 small spoon Honey
1 tsp Vanilla
1 big spoon Strawberry jam
200 ml Ice cream
300 ml Milk

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Morning Energy Cocktail

Morning energy cocktail is a supply of energy for the whole day!
  • 10 min
  • Serves 2
  • Easy



Everyone is talking about a healthy breakfast, but only few people currently prepare it. Some simply do not attach any importance to this, others are lazy, while others cannot always guess the good energy combination of healthy foods that will keep the body in fullness until dinner. Just for those who want to eat “right” breakfast we prepared this variant of the morning meal.


It is not a secret that a healthy breakfast should be balanced and include proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Those who take morning breakfast with products which contain a small fat content, tend to eat less during the day. Foods containing dietary fiber help to reduce the level of “harmful” cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight. So, the morning energy cocktail is such an excellent breakfast option.

Morning cocktail is a supply of energy for the whole day!

After drinking the morning energy cocktail, you will not be hungry for a very long time.


Special ingredients of this cocktail (flax seeds, ginger, mint) improve the condition of the digestive system; help to fight a cancer; are a good way to strengthen the blood vessels, because they contain omega – 3; reduce blood sugar levels; improve kidney function; lower cholesterol, because the vegetable fibers absorb the harmful cholesterol and successfully remove it, preventing it to be absorbed into the blood; slow down the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels and arteries; colds soften dry cough; lower high blood pressure; help to reduce overweight.

Oat flakes will give the necessary carbohydrates for your body, milk and ice cream will provide proteins for your body.



Take a blender. You can use an immersion blender or blender-cup. Blender bowl volume must be not less than one liter. Put the oat-flakes in the bowl of a blender.


Put the flax seeds in the bowl of a blender.


Put the cocoa in a bowl of a blender.


Add the ginger in the bowl of a blender. You can use a dry ginger or areal ginger root. If you use a ginger root, clean it and cut 2-3 pieces, then chop it into small pieces and place it in a blender.


Put the dried mint in the bowl of a blender.


Add the honey in the bowl of a blender.


Put the vanilla in the bowl of a blender. You can use vanilla or vanilla extract (2-3 ml).


Bring the strawberry jam in the bowl of a blender. You can use any jam. If you do not have a jam, you can put a glass of any berries and increase the amount of honey in twice.


Put the ice cream in the bowl of a blender.


Add the milk in a bowl of a blender. If you are a vegan you can use a coconut milk or a soya milk.


Mix all ingredients in a blender for 5 minutes at the highest speed.


Pour the cocktail into glasses. Drink the morning energy cocktail and take a boost of energy for the whole day.


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