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Homemade Greek Salad

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150 grams Mozzarella or feta cheese
2 Cucumber
3 Tomatoes
To taste Lemon juice
4 tablespoons Olive Oil
3 Green salad
To taste Salt
To taste Black Pepper
1 Capsicum

Homemade Greek Salad

  • Low-Calorie
Fresh and healthy homemade Greek salad
  • 10 min
  • Serves 3
  • Easy



The best variant for light and healthy meal is salad. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Greek salad is very popular all over the world because of it’s specific taste and nutrient richness. The majority of restaurants and cafés have this salad in menu. Greek salad is dietary and low-calorie that is why if you keep a diet you can eat this salad for dinner or lunch without fear of getting fat. The recipe of Greek salad can be changed but an original recipe contains tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, green salad, feta cheese, shallot onion, olives, garlic, black pepper, oregano and olive oil. Each ingredient has an effect on organism, for example, olive oil is rich in vitamin E, feta cheese contains healthy microorganisms which helps to recover digestion, olives has a beneficial influence on liver. Caloricity of this salad is about 130 calories in 100 grams, if you add less olive oil, calorific value will reduce. This variant of Greek salad is homemade, that is why all ingredients are cheap and you can find it in your nearest local store. Greek salad is appropriate for lunch, fast healthy snack after gym, you can also take it to study or work. Also you can add some rusks. Moreover, this is all-purpose recipe because you can serve it for festive table like one of light salads, for family dinner or just like fast evening snack.



Our cooking starts with ingredients. Prepare all that you need for this salad. Don't forget that you can substitute cheese and some other ingredients. This recipe of Greek salad is based on mozzarella cheese. If you like piquant and more salted taste of cheese, add feta. Mozzarella is light and reminds cream cheese with neutral taste. So, take two cucumbers, three tomatoes, green salad, one capsicum, olive oil, salt, lemon juice and black pepper as seasoning. Don't use pickled cucumbers or tomatoes because salad will be too liquid and all consistence will be wet. You can also add some seasoning to your taste.


Start with base of the salad - vegetables. Cut capsicum as in the photo. I used one little. All cut vegetables put to a deep bowl, it will be more comfortable for you.


Cut tomatoes into big pieces. If you use cherry tomatoes just cut it in two pieces.


Then cut cucumbers. If you want you can peel it.


Now cook our seasoning. Pour olive oil to the bowl and add some lemon juice. Then spread it with salt and black pepper. Mix it and pour this sauce to all vegetables.


Stir all vegetables with sauce. It should get saturated with sauce. Before serving leave it with vegetables for 15 minutes and taste will be richer and better.


Now serve salad. Put green salad on the plate and put vegetables. Then on the top add some mozzarella or feta cheese. Serving depend on your fantasy, you can decorate your salad with some vegetables, for example, put mint leaf, lemon or lime. If you cook this dish for children, make salad shaped like smile.


Greek salad is done and is ready to be served. This meal is the best for everyday cooking because it is so fast and easy. Every day you can try new recipe and add new ingredients, just find your ideal combination. Be sure that your family will love this salad because it can be combined with any garnish: buckwheat, rice, meat dishes and other. Also it will be great for lunch with glass of wine. A lot of people love this salad because of it's light taste, nutritional value and low caloricity. Moreover it is very beautiful to serve. If you want to prepare something like smorgasbord and you don't know which snacks will be the best and not very expensive, choose Greek salad and enjoy your party. Bon appetite!


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