Easy Ice Cream Topped with Strawberry and Mint Leaves

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20 g Egg Yolk Get free-range eggs to make your ice cream truly bright and yellow
200 g Goat Milk This type of milk provides more fat necessary for such a dessert, but you may substitute it with regular whole milk (its butterfat should be around 3.25 percent)
10 g Spearmint Its leaves are used purely for decoration, you may make them even more elegant by dusting with confectioners’ sugar
100 g Strawberries Other berries may enhance this basic ice cream too, but strawberries feel like classics
100 g Sugar Regular white one is absolutely fine, as the brown sugar will make your ice cream slightly darker, and that’s not always desirable

Nutritional information

215 g
Serving Size

Amount Per Serving


Calories from Fat 62

7 g
Total Fat

Saturated Fat 4 g, Trans Fat 0 g

134 mg
57 mg
315 mg
59 g
Total Carbohydrates

Sugars 57 g

1 g
Dietary Fiber
6 g

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Easy Ice Cream Topped with Strawberry and Mint Leaves

  • Low-Sodium
Making your own ice cream can be incredibly tempting with only five ingredients used within.
  • 9 h
  • Serves 2
  • Easy



Making your own gelato isn’t so challenging, but the homemade ice cream requires some time. You should try making it and you won’t regret that you had some patience. That’s the basic recipe, so you may improve it with any optional components once you learn the essentials.



Start with placing the bowl of your ice cream machine into the freezer. It should spend there at least four hours in order to provide enough cold for your ice cream mass when it’s being mixed. Why is it important? The fast decrease of the temperature is essential when making any ice creams, otherwise they may crystallize.

Once your ice cream machine bowl is cold enough, measure all the ingredients to make your cooking as fast as possible. Carefully wash an egg, leave this process for strawberries and mint leaves for later, as you’ll have to wait several hours before serving your ice cream. Actual steps won’t take too much time, especially in comparison to the preparation time.


This recipe requires only a yolk, so you may reserve an egg white for something else like pavlova or meringues. So once the egg is separated, transfer the yolk into the mixing bowl.


Add sugar to the same bowl.


Using a fork, stir this mass until it becomes fairly smooth.


The milk should be hot when the egg mass is poured into it.


Once your goat milk is hot enough, reduce the heat to minimum and carefully pour the egg mixture. Don’t forget to stir it constantly with a wooden spoon. Keep cooking for a couple of minutes, until this mass slightly thickens.


Let the ice cream mass cool down to the room temperature before transferring it to the bowl of your ice cream maker.


Turn on the ice cream machine for 20 minutes, so the mass will have some time to get properly mixed and refrigerated. If you want to have some additions like nuts, raisins or bits of chocolate, you should add them in five minutes before the end, so they will be evenly distributed within your homemade ice cream.


Cover the bowl with some food film and keep in the freezer at least four hours.


Use a kitchen towel when taking the bowl out, it may burn your hands otherwise. Work fast with the ice cream when serving it, as it’s quite soft. It tends to melt faster comparing to commercial varieties.


Wash strawberries and mint, carefully wipe them with a paper towel to get rid of any water. Place all the ice cream into a serving bowl and decorate it with strawberries and leaves of mint. Enjoy immediately.

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