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Diabetic Curd Fritters

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300 grams Cottage cheese 5-9%
1 Eggs
2 Pear
4-5 tablespoons Rice flour
1 tablespoon Honey
0.5 of tablespoon Cinnamon Powder

Diabetic Curd Fritters

  • Diabetic
Healthy and diabetic curd fritters
  • 30 min
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



Usually diabetic and low-calorie meal isn’t very delicious. But when you keep a diet you should find substitutes for your favourite unhealthy ingredients. It is very important because you will have an opportunity to cook tasty dishes which are appropriate for diabetic menu. One of these dishes which we cook today is curd fritters. It contains only healthy ingredients which you can find in any local store, you don’t have to look for special, rare and expensive food items, just don’t use junk food. Our curd fritters are healthy because it doesn’t contain sugar, salt, first-rate flour and other unhealthy ingredients. So, this recipe is appropriate for those who suffers from diabetes. Pear and honey add sweetness to curd fritters, cottage cheese isn’t fat, cinnamon adds piquant notes to taste and makes this dessert sweeter. These substitutes for sugar are healthy and delicious. Curd fritters are tasty and perfect for dinner or breakfast with coffee or tea. So, this recipe won’t take a lot of time because you only need to make the dough and then to fry it.



Our cooking starts with ingredients. It is very important to choose appropriate ingredient, because some of them should be low-calorie. For example, choose low-fat cottage cheese. So, we need one egg, 300 grams of cottage cheese, two pears, four-five tablespoons of wholegrain or rice flour, one tablespoon of honey (you can use stevia - natural substitute for sugar), 0.5 of tablespoon of cinnamon. This combination is perfect for low-fat curd fritters.


Take a deep bowl and start to make the dough. Grind the cottage cheese with potato masher. You will have a uniform consistence which is the best for making curd fitters, they will keep one form. Then add one egg and stir with cottage cheese. Try to make a uniform mass which will remind thick sour cream.


Now take one pear and grate it. Add this pear to cottage cheese and egg. Stir all good with whisk. Now you can add honey, but if you chose very sweet pear, don't add any sweetener.


Then cut the second pear into small pieces but don't add it into our dough. One part will be for dough and the second part will be for dressing.


Now take three tablespoons of flour, if you want you can sift it. If you want to use rice flour but you didn't find it in the local store, you can just grind rice at home. Any flour helps curd fritters to keep one form and not to ravel.


It is time to form curd fitters. Do it by wet hands or with tablespoon. But the most comfortable to work by hands. Put some tablespoons of flour to the plate or on the table. Roll the curd fritter in the flour and start frying. If you have teflon frying pan you can fry it without sunflower oil.


Fry curd fritters on both sides under the lid. When one side is golden, start frying the other side.


Now when you cooked all the curd fritters prepare ingredients for dressing. You can skip this step and serve the dessert without dressing. Take the second part of pear, add honey and cinnamon and fry without oil. It is some kind of caramelization. But don't add honey during frying because when you are heating honey it starts to emit carcinogens. Add honey after frying pear. If you like some other sweet spices you can add them to this dressing.


Our curd fritters are done and ready to be served. Pour the pear and honey dressing on the dish and serve it with some drink. It may be tea, coffee, juice or compote. Usually we cook curd fritters for breakfast, because it gives a lot of energy and feeling of saturation, it is important for the start of the day. You can also add any fruits and berries, it adds interesting taste. Bon appetit!


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