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Curd Birthday Cake

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150 grams Milk chocolate
300 grams Chocolate cookies
200 grams Sour cream
30 grams Gelatin
50 grams Cream
150 grams Sugar
350 grams Cottage cheese Don't buy skim cheese because it doesn't contain anything healthy, you can take 5% or 9%.
1 teaspoon Vanillin
1 Banana
2 Kiwi
1 Orange

Curd Birthday Cake

Ideal curd birthday cake for ideal party
  • 30 min
  • Serves 5
  • Easy



Birthday is an important day in the life of everybody and this day must be perfect in everything. If you want to surprise your guests, this recipe is the best you can find. And if you are short of time, this cake you can cook in 20 minutes. Fast, delicious and cheap – what can be better? This cake contains ingredients that you can buy in your nearest local store and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Also this recipe is appropriate for anybody even if you have never cooked pastry. For lovers of cottage cheese and chocolate this cake will be the best for festive table. Moreover, after substantial festive dinner the best idea for the dessert is light cake, which tastes good with wine or juice. Actually, you can cook this cake from all that you have at home. As a result you have incredibly light, delicious cake with delicate curd layer and fruits. One more merit of this dessert is that you don’t have to bake it and use oven, that is why anybody is able to cook it without special skills. You should have just your own desire to make something unusual and no doubt you will have the best result.



Start cooking. Prepare all you need for this recipe: milk chocolate (also you can use dark chocolate), vanillin, sugar, fruits (an orange, bananas, kiwis), cottage cheese, chocolate cookies, sour cream 20%, gelatin and cream. All these ingredients you can find in your fridge, also the filling can be modified. If you don't like cookies, add more fruits or on the contrary. Just find the combination you will like. If you keep a diet you can modify this recipe and use low-fat products. For example, instead of white sugar use brown or cane sugar, low fat sour cream, wholegrain cookies, chocolate based on sucrose etc. Desserts can be healthy you should just choose appropriate ingredients.


The first step is work with gelatin. You should pour it into a deep bowl and cover dry gelatin with water of room temperature. Let it solidify for about 15 minutes.


Start working with cottage cheese. This step you can do optional, if you haven't enough time you can skip it. But it makes cottage cheese more light and soft. So, sift cottage cheese through sieve by tablespoon. I put the sieve on the plate and started to sift, it is more comfortable. After that cheese will be so soft and full of oxygen.


Our cottage cheese is ready. Now put it into a deep bowl for making a dough.


Now it is time to mix cottage cheese with sugar. Add sugar and start mix it. You can mix with mixer or just with tablespoon. Do it thoroughly because sugar should penetrate through it. Now you can taste and if it isn't enough sweet, add more sugar. Also add a pinch of salt, it is important for consistence and flavour.


When sugar and cottage cheese are mixed, add sour cream. If you work with mixer, whisk it until it gets a uniform mass. Dough must by light and good mixed. If you like sour cream, add 100-200 grams more it will not spoil the cake.


Here in the photo you can see what kind of consistence you will have. Then add vanillin.


Now start working with gelatin. While we were cooking our dough gelatin has solidified. You should melt it in the microwave (for about 1-2 minutes) or on the water bath. So, gelatin shouldn't boil, just melt.


Add quickly melted gelatin to cottage cheese and sour cream. Then mix it good on high speed. When everything will be mixed good, let it draw. Our dough is ready. While we are cooking the filling, dough will acquire necessary consistence.


So, we start working with filling. Our filling is composed of fruits and chocolate cookies. I used bananas and kiwis, but if you add an orange, it will be better. Slice banana like in the photo. Instead of banana and kiwi you can use apples, pears, strawberries any fruit you like. On summer you can use strawberries with bananas, this is the most apt combination. The best if you add seasonal fruits. In this recipe orange add more bright colour than flavour.


Also cut the kiwi. But it shouldn't be very thin.


Gelatin has started to react with our dough and we start to make our cake.


So, now take a backing dish. If you want to make your cake round, use round backing dish and cookies. But also you can use rectangular or square backing dish, in this case buy square cookies. Cover your dish with parchment paper or with plastic wrap. With plastic wrap you will move your cake when it will be ready. Pour evenly the first layer of dough, dispense it by tablespoon or special silicone brush.


Then cover the first layer of dough with fruits. Work quickly because dough is starting to solidify and it becomes more difficult to put it evenly.


Put the layer of cookies. Put it close to the edges.


So, your cake must consist of several layers, for example, dough-fruits-dough-cookies-dough-fruits-dough-cookies-dough-fruits. On the top of the cake you will have fruits, don't cover it with dough.


When everything is done, cover the top of your cake with parchment paper or plastic wrap.


Put the cake into the fridge. It should take shape and cookies will soak with all curd mass.


Interesting presentation starts with simple ingredients! Put chocolate to a deep bowl.


Add cream to chocolate. If you don`t have cream use just milk chocolate, instead of cream you can add some white chocolate.


Start melting it in the microwave or on the water bath.


When chocolate is done it is time to take out our curd cake. Pour melted chocolate all over the top. Just for decoration you can add nuts, cookie crumbs etc.


Curd birthday cake is ready to be served on the festive table! You've got really tasty and interesting dessert which is appropriate for any menu. You can cook it in 20 minutes and if you want to get cookies more soft just put the cake into the fridge for about 5-6 hours. Don't be afraid of experiments. This recipe will help you to cook something unusual and delicious without oven. If you prefer smorgasbord you can cook this dessert not like cake but like several little cakes. It will be more comfortable if you plan to invite a lot of guests. Enjoy your meal and your birthday party will be on high level!


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