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Chocolate Semolina Pudding

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1 bar Milk chocolate You can use any chocolate you like. But pay attention, with dark chocolate your pudding can have slightly bitter taste.
20 grams (2 teaspoons) Butter If you like chocolate taste, you can even add chocolate butter.
120 grams Sugar
2.5 glasses Milk If you prefer vegan, use almond or coconut milk.
130 grams Semolina
1 pinch Salt

Nutritional information


Chocolate Semolina Pudding

  • Christmas
Aromatic and dainty chocolate semolina pudding
  • 2 h
  • Serves 2
  • Easy



Do you want something for dessert? If you appreciate low-calorie meal, this recipe will be a great idea even for dinner. This pudding contains healthy ingredients, and any diet approves the dessert like this. Moreover, all necessary things you can buy in your local store. Traditionally pudding is an English Christmas dessert. Pudding is ideal for cold autumn or winter evenings, and you don’t have to bake it in the oven – a couple of hours and everything is done! Just for a change, you can cook the pudding even with salted filling, and in this case it will be a cherry on the cake on your festive table. This variant of this dish is so easy and fast, you can cook it for your family or for guests. It will be the best if you serve this pudding after dinner, because it tastes the best with tea or coffee. Also this pudding will be ideal for school or work lunch, you will be full of energy the whole day. This is incredibly tasty! By the way, for lovers of chocolate and semolina this recipe will be a real awesome godsend. It is like a chocolate semolina – delicious combination! So, if you want something special and you don’t want to go to the supermarket and spend a lot of money on expensive food, this pudding will complete your main dish! All you need are creativity and desire. Any recipe of your pudding can be modified, don’t be afraid of experiments!



Start the process of cooking. Prepare all you need for this recipe. Milk chocolate, butter, sugar, milk, semolina and salt. Also you will need a baking cup, saucepan and a big desire to cook something tasty! Measure properly all ingredients, because here the result depend on the right dosage.


The first step is milk. Pour milk into the saucepan and put it on fire with low temperature. Don't let it boil now. Keep an eye on milk, because it can boil over.


Meanwhile you start working with chocolate. So, take one bar and grate it on the big greater. If you don't have an opportunity to grate the chocolate, you may melt it on the water bath or in the microwave.


Add chocolate to milk. Stir it good.


Add sugar to milk and chocolate.


Add butter and let it get melted in milk. Mix all together.


Now add a pinch of salt. It helps to create an interesting taste, moreover, you will have an appropriate consistency. Increase the fire. When these ingredients are in the saucepan, stir it every time and bring it to boil.


When it starts to boil, it looks like in the photo. Now it is time to add semolina. Do it gradually and slowly. Stir good all ingredients and stew it for about 10 minutes. All this time you should stir it, because semolina can get burnt very fast.


So, after 10 minutes you will have a consistency like this. It is so thick and viscous. Let it get cold.


Prepare your baking cup. I used two, because they are little and all my pudding went into exactly. Backing cup must by dry and clean, but don't smear it with butter, just sprinkle with cold water. The best if it will be silicone, in this case you will take it out so easy because your pudding will not stick to sides of backing cup.


Now pour all pastry to the backing cup and put it into the fridge. Let it harden for an hour and a half or two hours.


Take it out from the fridge. Your dish is done when it looks like pie. In the photo you can see cross-section of the pudding.


Our dessert is done! So, serve it with juice, tea of coffee. I sprinkled it with grated chocolate, but you can also use nuts, powdered sugar, dried fruits, cocoa or instant coffee. Moreover, if you cooked this dessert for festive table it will be the best to decorate the top of the pudding through the stencil. It tastes like chocolate pie, but this recipe is not rich in calories and you can eat it after substantial dinner. Enjoy your meal and change your everyday menu by this delicious and light dessert.


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