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Chicken Steak

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To taste Salt
50 grams Breading If you want to make a low-calorie dish, use the oat bran.
500 grams Chicken Breast
4 tablespoons Sunflower oil Can be substituted by olive oil.
To taste Seasoning

Nutritional information


Chicken Steak

Fast and incredibly delicious chicken steak
  • 20 min
  • Easy



An overwhelming majority of housewives don’t like to cook chicken steak because it gets dry. They choose any other meat: pork, beef or veal. But among these types of meat chicken has less fat and contains protein. Here is the recipe of succulent and tasty chicken steak. It isn’t difficult, you should only follow all the steps. If you like to cook fast, the recipe must supplement your everyday meal. Also this is a good to-go meal, add some vegetables, juice and bring it to work or to the school. Your day will be definitely full of energy, because two steaks are enough for substantial lunch. For those who keep a diet this dish is perfect for lunch. Cheap, fast and delicious – you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This steak will come to your rescue even if you are waiting for guests and you are short of time.



Prepare all that you need for this dish. Chicken breast, sunflower or olive oil, breading, seasoning and frying pan or grill pan. Also you should wash chicken breast under cold water, it is obligatory.


Cut off the fat and veins of the breast. Without it chicken will be perfect for the low fat diet and it will be more palatable to eat.


Start cutting it into thin and flat slices. Take one part of the breast and slit it. The thinner the better. Than take a meat tenderizer and gently beat the meat, add some salt. If you like spicy meat, add ground black pepper.


Now it's time to marinate our chicken. Coat it with seasoning on both sides. This step is so important, because the taste depends on ingredients in your seasoning. My perfect variant is: potato and corn starch, garlic, leek, carrot, sunflower oil, paprika, marjoram, nutmeg, savory, ground white and black pepper, dried parsley and celery, dill, caraway and basil. You can mix this combination, and as a result, meat will be very aromatic and delicious. Peppers make the chicken more savoury. Choose the seasoning without any aromatizers or taste intensifiers, natural ingredients are the best.


The next step is breading, it helps to create a crispy crust. The best if your breading will be mixed. For example, bread crumbs, oat bran and some mustard flour. So, put it into a deep bowl or plate, it will be more comfortable. Sprinkle good each slice with breading.


Now heat the frying pan, use medium fire, than add some sunflower oil. Don't add it too much, because the steak will be so fat and oily.


Start frying slices. Put each stake side by side on the red-hot pan. Continue frying one side for about 5 minutes. Don't cover it now. When the steak will turn white along the edges, it means that on the underside it is done.


When it gets golden brown, flip the steak. If necessary, add some oil.


Cover it with the lid and fry steaks for 4-5 minutes. The whole process of frying should take 10 minutes max. If you overdo it, the steak will be dry and tough.


Our steaks are done! Healthy, delicious and fast - what can be better for dinner or lunch? The best garnish is mashed potatoes, buckwheat groat or light salad. Enjoy your chicken steak, this recipe helps to make it more succulent. If you like something unusual, you can add some garlic sauce or ketchup. Also you can modify this recipe and add cheese on the top, instead of frying you can bake it. Some people cover steaks with egg, but in this case chicken will be high in calories. Bon appetit!


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